Edmonton petition for a bylaw to protect kids from harmful drugs

Edmonton City Council is considering a new bylaw that will protect thousands of children and youth from exposure to harmful drugs (tobacco and cannabis) in many public places including children's parks and public events.

Children and youth deserve first-class protection from harmful drug use.  To a five-year-old, smoking is smoking whether it involves tobacco, cannabis, burning or vaping.  Kids learn by watching others.  Healthy modeling helps to produce healthy kids.

Council is now seeking more public input on the proposed bylaw and a public hearing is scheduled for Wednesday, September 12 at 1:30 p.m. at City Hall.  Please mark your calendar if you can attend.

If approved as drafted, the bylaw will help to keep thousands of Edmonton youth drug-free for life.

However some Councillors are wavering and we need your help to get this bylaw over the finish line.

Please sign our petition in support of this important bylaw.

You are also welcome to send a quick email to your City Councillor in support of this bylaw.

Your help is greatly appreciated.  Please do not underestimate your impact.

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Sign the petition: Edmonton petition for a bylaw to protect kids from harmful drugs https://www.ash.ca/edmontonbylawpetition?recruiter_id=2399
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