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ASH Model Smoking Bylaw

ASH Municipal Bylaw Chart

Alberta Smoking Bylaws

Creating Outdoor Smoke-Free Bylaws

Steps for Municipal Politicians to Implement a Smoke-Free Outdoor Places Bylaw

Smoke-Free Outdoor Public Spaces: A Community Advocacy Toolkit

Outdoor Smoking Restrictions

Smoke-free outdoor places

Smoke-free festivals and events

Smoke-free parks

Evidence to Support Outdoor Smoke-Free Bylaws

Evidence to support outdoor smoking restrictions

Evaluation of the Smoke-Free Ontario Act Outdoor Smoking Regulations

Health Impact of Secondhand Smoke

Smoke-free Policies Improve Health

Secondhand Marijuana Smoke

Second-hand Smoke: Worker Health

Health effects of exposure to second-hand and third-hand marijuana smoke: a systematic review

Effect of Smokefree Air Ordinances on Smoking Prevalence

Tobacco Retailer Licensing

Best Practices in Tobacco Retailer Licensing

Tobacco Retailer Licensing: An Effective Tool for Public Health

Using Licensing and Zoning to Regulate Tobacco Retailers

Location, Location, Location

Tobacco licensing checklist

Model licensing bylaw checklist

Tobacco licensing basics

Tobacco Retailer Licensing Playbook

Tobacco Retailer Licensing is Effective

Tobacco Retailer Zoning

Location, Location, Location

Using Licensing and Zoning to Regulate Tobacco Retailers

How to reduce tobacco retailer density and why

Let's talk about tobacco fact sheets

Let’s talk about secondhand smoke

Let’s talk about hookah smoking

Let’s talk about e-cigarettes

Let’s talk about smoking and youth

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